Who Covered WEAK13's Song? It's A Mystery.

Written by ManchesterSound on 2012-05-17 | Tags: ManchesterSound, freemusic, WEAK13, DNA

So, a generous few months ago, back in November 2011, we released Live Ammo (2011) by WEAK13, the grungey metal band based in Wolverhampton, UK.

One of the things we really love about releasing music is the ability for other people, not only to share, but to remix, re-record and generally mess around with the tracks; we really want people to do this; enjoy the music that is there for you to take, free, legal, no DRM and available.

We came across this article from Stourbridge News -

The main man from grunge band WEAK 13 is hunting for the band who recorded a version of his song DNA which was posted to Base Studios in Rufford Road.

The package with a disc containing the track had no information about the identity of the band or how to contact them.

Nick J Townsend said: "The cover is brilliant, whoever did this has done an excellent version of our song."

[He] added: "The only clue we have was what was written on the CD itself which was “The Minutes”, but we've searched for this band and it doesn't appear to exist. There is an Irish band of the same name but there's no way it was them as they are a completely different type of band.

Anyone who knows who recorded the new version of DNA can contact WEAK13 via Base Studios via www.basestudios1.co.uk.

Even though Nick has referenced us in the article as a "label" - which we're not - we very much think that whoever "The Minutes" are, doing this cover is absolutely awesome and exactly what we love and want to hear about when it comes to our releases - and of course, WEAK13's music.

Any idea who The Minutes are? If you've got any clues, as the quote from Stourbridge News says - you should get in touch with Nick and WEAK13.

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