Hooray For A New Website

Written by ManchesterSound on 2011-12-26 | Tags: ManchesterSound, news, announcement, updates

ManchesterSound is overwhelmed with glee to announce that the new website has been designed and launched as of Christmas 2011; although it takes the layout from the previous site, it's come a long way from what it once was.

With backend integration from our Event Management System, to display our latest music releases (did we ever mention that they're totally free and don't come with DRM?), smoother ways to contact us, privacy policies and feedback pages, we're on the way heading towards Phase1c of our expansion plans (more on that at a later date).

Soon to be added are the 'modules' for Events & Gigs, which will show you the next upcoming gigs and will allow you to pre-book and reserve tickets, plus integration for our plans to launch a monthly newsletter (spam free, obviously) are coming up really soon too - so keep your eye out.

Amongst these changes, which, we'd like to think at the very least makes us swish like the cat's pajamas, we're also developing an online merchandise store where you'll be able to order your custom made designs of various merchandise. Right now, we're just looking for a more stable supplier that we're able to work with that offers a good range of products, but then we'll be up and running.

If you come across any dodgy links or something that isn't displaying as well as it should, then do e-mail our useful webmaster at webmaster (at) manchestersound.org, who'll be able to fix it and make everything work again. We're really looking forward to everything that we've got lined up and we'd really encourage you to get in touch with us with your ideas, thoughts and suggestions. Get involved!

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