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Hooray For A New Website

Written by ManchesterSound on 2011-12-26

ManchesterSound is overwhelmed with glee to announce that the new website has been designed and launched as of Christmas 2011; although it takes the layout from the previous site, it's come a long way from what it once was. With backend integration from our Event Management System, to display our latest music releases (did we ever mention that they're totally...

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What We're Doing, Planning And Where We Are.

Written by ManchesterSound on 2012-03-20

Okay, so the year is 2012 and according to The Mayans, everything is going to be just fine; contrary to what may have been publicised over the last several months. The world not ending is good news for us at ManchesterSound and here's why: Over the last eight months or so, we've been working on a major project along with our...

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Who Covered WEAK13's Song? It's A Mystery.

Written by ManchesterSound on 2012-05-17

So, a generous few months ago, back in November 2011, we released Live Ammo (2011) by WEAK13, the grungey metal band based in Wolverhampton, UK. One of the things we really love about releasing music is the ability for other people, not only to share, but to remix, re-record and generally mess around with the tracks; we...

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