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Who Covered WEAK13's Song? It's A Mystery.

Written by ManchesterSound on 2012-05-17
Tags: freemusic, ManchesterSound, WEAK13, DNA

So, a generous few months ago, back in November 2011, we released Live Ammo (2011) by WEAK13, the grungey metal band based in Wolverhampton, UK. One of...

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What We're Doing, Planning And Where We Are.

Written by ManchesterSound on 2012-03-20
Tags: news, ManchesterSound, updates, expansion

Okay, so the year is 2012 and according to The Mayans, everything is going to be just fine; contrary to what may have been publicised over the last several months....

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Hooray For A New Website

Written by ManchesterSound on 2011-12-26
Tags: news, ManchesterSound, announcement, updates

ManchesterSound is overwhelmed with glee to announce that the new website has been designed and launched as of Christmas 2011; although it takes the layout from the previous site, it's...

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Reviewed: XSentinel - Self-Titled (2011)

Written by Alyesha on 2011-09-09
Tags: release, review, freemusic, dubstep

After plenty of samey samey tracks it's interesting to see how dupstep artists have started to look backwards to find a way of saying something new. This is exactly...

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Reviewed: Black String Theory - This Clouded View

Written by Adam Watts on 2011-08-02
Tags: freemusic, review, releases, altrock

One thing's for sure, The Black String Theory don't suffer from a lack of confidence. A skim through the band's About Us section on their official website and a visitor...

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