Online Music Distribution

We share your music, online, for free. Really. This is all about developing and increasing your already existing fan-base, that ties in with your needs - it doesn't matter if you're already selling your music or not, what we offer allows potential fans to have a taster and maybe more importantly, it gets people listening to your music; getting your name 'out there' and known.

Using our knowledge of online distribution and technologies, we spread your tunes around the Internet to a worldwide audience. We also use our network of industry contacts, we send your music to music blogs, radio stations, DJs and advertisers who may be interested in sharing them even further.

A Quick Example -

We uploaded and shared the first E.P. from The Brightsparks. On one website alone, their release has been downloaded over 10,000 times. At least 10,000 people, without needing to pay for a thing have been able to enjoy their music.

We do this for absolutely free. We do not want any financial remuneration for doing this. See, we believe music should be available to everybody who wants to hear it and we're going to let people download your music for free, so we don't see why should it cost you anything either.

We'll ask that you sign an agreement - but it's not exclusive, you retain all creative control and rights to your music and you can do what you like with your tracks; all it does it give us the rights to let people download and share your music - who in turn, can do the same. Have a look.

There is no small print, at all. All you need to do make first contact and we'll be happy to answer absolutely any questions you have, go through with you step by step each part of the agreement so you understand what's going on - to make sure that you're comfortable and that what we do, works for you.

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