ManchesterSound Has Closed :(

Don't get us wrong this, this isn't really a sad goodbye.

See, ManchesterSound started over 10 years ago when one friend was complaining to the other friend that Music Promoters generally "take the fucking piss".

Those friends decided that they could do a better job and figure out a way to make things a little better for bands and artists; as a result, ManchesterSound was born - we did our best to put on gigs and events for upcoming artists whilst making sure that everyone involved was paid fairly.

ManchesterSound hasn't shut down because it's not profitable to do that - we've proved that it can be and we're really proud of what we've done over the years, but we're just old(er) now and more boring people now with families and early mornings.

Thank you to everyone who's ever e-mailed, re-tweeted, downloaded, visited, attended or played with us and our apologies to those we never had a chance to reply to.

It's been pretty awesome.